To develop temporary informational page for open air museum in Pirogovo.

Partly movie was realized with 3D modeling and animation.

«Pirogovo» museum temporary site

Pirogovo – this word is known to every citizen of Kiev and guests from native country and abroad. They name museum-park of architecture and life in such a way. In reality, Pirogovo is a village which is neighbor of this unique institution. Its boring name sounds like «Museum of Ukrainian life and architecture».

Its territory is 150 hectares, where about 300 objects are situated. Probably it is the biggest open air museum in the world. Definitely it is the most grandiose one in Eastern Europe. Three ours excursion won’t be enough to look it all. Kiev museum differs from its native co-brothers with space and the whole country represented exposition instead of one region.

Source: http://www.interesniy.kiev.ua
While site development, temporary page with information about location and mode was created. Process of landscape drawing reflects the process of site development and filling.

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